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Why H-Town Coaters is the #1 Choice for Contract Powder Coating

January 1, 2023

Why H-Town Coaters is the #1 Choice for Contract Powder Coating

Powder coating is one of the best returns on investments you can put money towards. Not only does it add durability, longevity, and protection from environmental factors to your metal materials, it is also eco-friendly. The fast application makes it great for industries where time is money, such as construction and architecture. Additionally, it can be used to brand your equipment by matching powder coating colors to your brand.


Expert Powder Coaters in Many Fields

Unlike many other powder coating businesses, here at H-Town Coaters, we have more experience than your regular run-of-the-mill powder coating business. Our certified technicians have had their hands on projects from many industries such as commercial, architectural, and construction. We’ve coated everything from aluminum doors/windows to construction equipment.



We Have Large Facilities

In Texas, bigger is better, and that definitely applies to powder coating facilities. Our facilities and ovens allow us to accommodate all sorts of equipment of almost any size. Our ovens have powder-coated trailers, forklift trucks, cranes, earth-moving equipment, and much more. Not only do they handle large equipment, but they can handle high volume as well. If you can bring it to us here in Houston, Texas, we can powder coat it in our large facility. Don’t worry though, even with large pieces we’ll never miss the small details. If you’re unsure if we can powder coat for you, fill out a form and we’ll let you know.


Competitive Pricing

Powder coating is cheaper than regular paint in the long run as-is, but here at H-Town Coaters we still price competitively. If our expert knowledge and experience, as well as capable facilities weren’t enough to convince you, then hopefully our competitive pricing is. We have no hidden costs and transparent pricing.

Don’t just create a bond with your powder coating, create a bond with us by contracting us for your next powder coating project or projects. Don’t choose a sub-par coating for your metals!