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Top Environmental Benefits of Powder Coating

July 1, 2022

Top Environmental Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is gaining popularity as a new way to add color to many materials, but what Houston, Texas, residents may not know is that powder coating can also be a great option for those who are environmentally conscious. At H-Town Coaters, we believe in educating those in Houston, Texas, about the benefits powder coating can provide, so we’ve laid out some ways this form of metal coating can help protect the environment:


Powder is Recyclable


The process of powder coating consists of two steps. The first step is spraying the item with powder, done with the help of an electrostatically charged powder gun. Once the powder adheres to the material, it must be cured in a special oven to help melt the powder and “lock” it onto the item. During this process, excess powder is produced that does not adhere to the item’s material. The excess powder can be recycled in a process called “reclamation.” Essentially, the excess powder spray can be reclaimed and saved for a later use.


Powder Coating Generates Almost no VOCs


VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are released into the air when paint is used to cover a material. As the paint ages, VOCs released into the air can lead to health problems and damage to the environment. However, powder coating provides a health-friendly alternative. It is inert and produces almost no VOCs, meaning it does not release any harmful fumes or contribute to air pollution. Because of this, many people looking for metal coating are turning to powder coating as an alternative to industrial wet paint.


Powder Coating Meets Environmental Regulations


As previously mentioned, powder coating produces almost no VOCs, and is considered non-toxic. Because of this, powder coating meets or exceeds a large number of national environmental standards currently in place. While each individual powder coating shop needs to check that they are complying with local laws, typically powder coating, and the equipment used, will already comply with environmental regulations.


Powder Coating is Less Hazardous than Wet Paint


The chemical composition of wet paint often leaves defects that require the use of solvents to rework. These solvents are hazardous waste, containing chemicals that produce harmful fumes. However, powder coating does not require harsh chemicals to fix mistakes. The mistake can simply be wiped away with compressed air and reworked as needed. The process is considered much safer and is not classified as hazardous.

The environmental benefits are just some of the ways powder coating is gaining popularity in various industries. To learn more about powder coating and what it can do you for your materials, give H-Town Coaters a call.