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Super Chrome Powder Coat—What is it?

February 1, 2023

Super Chrome Powder Coat—What is it?

Powder coating is not just for aesthetics. It also increases resistance to contaminants, reduces risk of wear and tear, and is a trusted cover that protects wheels, rims, hub caps and other auto accessories such as bumpers and engine parts from corrosion or rust.

In addition, powder coating allows for a durability that you’ll immediately see in the surface thickness and consistent coverage. Powder coating leaves a high-gloss shine in any custom color you can think of but adding a Super Chrome base can make the coating even shinier.  So how do you get a Super Chrome power coat finish on wheels and automotive parts?

Super Chrome powder is the brightest and most reflective high-shine chrome powder coating that will transform the look of your car, truck, or SUV. The Super Chrome powder resembles real chrome and is the best in the industry compared to any other chrome powder coating.

Powder coating is used on metal as a protective layer because it is much stronger than regular paint and provides a durable finish. Just like the traditional powder coating process, the Super Chrome powder is applied electrostatically and baked to a fluid state to create a seamless bond to the metal.

To ensure the best results for a Super Chrome powder coat finish, you’ll need to make sure the surface of the object is completely stripped of all previous chrome or paint coatings. You can’t powder coat over chrome or old paint because it won’t stick to the surface due to the old debris. This will prevent the coating from being able to evenly cover the surface and have a seamless finish.

So, if you want chrome powder wheels, you need a professional commercial painter with the spray gun technology that can strip the chrome surface off of the parts prior to any powder coating. If you strip as much as you can, the finish will be smoother. After that, you’ll have to sand blast the item to ensure any left-over chrome is removed from the surface.


Get the Look of Chrome

The use of a Super Chrome base can be applied not only to metal, but also to other materials like fiber glass, cement, plaster, fabric, plastic and more.

If your surface has a chrome-based look that has lost its sheen, you can revive it and restore the brilliance of chrome on chrome or a durable chrome-like finish while repairing any surface wear and tear or damage. You can bring the look of real chrome to most any surface you can think of.



Wheel Chrome Plating

Wheel chrome plating is an option for wheels that have been painted, machined, or polished and the owner would like to get them plated.

Chrome plating is a high-gloss finish that many auto manufacturers use on vehicles. With the plating, you’ll see the highest chrome finish out there, just as bright as a Super Chrome powder coat.

Just like stripping chrome, the plating process also involves stripping the wheel down to the bare metal. Then the wheel is prepped for the chrome plating by polishing the entire surface by hand. The process for chrome-plating involves copper, semi-bright nickel, and chrome, among other things. After the copper, the wheels are buffed and cleaned many times to allow for the highest finish possible.



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