Formerly Cutting Edge Powder Coating

Returning to Our Roots: Why We’re Rebranding from Cutting Edge Powder Coating to H-Town Coaters

September 5, 2023

Returning to Our Roots: Why We’re Rebranding from Cutting Edge Powder Coating to H-Town Coaters

Rooted in the vibrant heart of Houston, our journey as a company mirrors the essence of our new identity – H-Town Coaters. Born and raised in this bustling Texan city, our origins trace back to a modest beginning as an automotive and retail-focused powder coating business under the moniker "Cutting Edge Powder Coating." However, our story is one of growth, expansion, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.


In 2019, a pivotal year for us, the horizons of Cutting Edge Powder Coating began to broaden as we ventured into serving a burgeoning commercial clientele. This marked the first stride in our evolution, setting the stage for even greater transformations to come. Fast forward to 2022, and the momentum only intensified. We found ourselves increasingly drawn to the diverse demands and challenges posed by our commercial customers. This shift in focus was a turning point, driving us to hone our expertise and deepen our engagement with the world of commercial powder coating.


With a nod to our origins and a salute to the city that nurtured our growth, we proudly reintroduce ourselves as H-Town Coaters. This rebranding isn't just about a name change; it's a reaffirmation of our commitment to Houston and a tribute to our roots. While our name may have evolved, our core principles remain unshaken.


At H-Town Coaters, our dedication to our commercial customers remains unwavering. We continue to provide a comprehensive array of services that cater to their unique needs. Our palette of offerings includes precision color matching, meticulous powder specification, efficient powder stocking, and even expedited delivery options. These services are more than just transactions; they are the building blocks of partnerships that foster growth and mutual success.


As we stand on the threshold of this new chapter as H-Town Coaters, our goal remains unchanged – to empower our customers to thrive. We measure our success not just by our achievements but by the triumphs of those we serve. Our evolution is a testament to the resilience of a Houston-born enterprise and the enduring spirit of the city itself.