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Reasons to Avoid Powder Coating at Home

March 1, 2022

Reasons to Avoid Powder Coating at Home

Don’t try this at home yourself. Powder coating at home does more harm than good, causing problems with the performance of the coating. It’s best to hire our skilled experts at H-Town Coaters. We’ve listed reasons why you shouldn’t take the DIY route for powder coating:


1.Mistakes are Costly


Mistakes are easy to make without professional powder coating experience. Correcting one slip-up is more costly than utilizing our services. Get it done right the first time! Our experts successfully complete the job and ensure your materials are perfectly coated.


2.Professional Equipment is Needed


Do you have access to a powder coating oven? How about a powder coating gun? Coating objects without professional equipment results in a sub-par job. It’s best to bring your objects to a facility with an expert team and industry tools. You’ll receive a perfectly even finish, without creating more hassles for yourself.


3.Low Quality Powder


Quality is key to protect your materials. Purchasing a powder coating kit means you get lower-quality powder. Only qualified professionals have access to industry-approved powder paint. Inferior powder doesn’t perform as well, resulting in splotches and additional problems with your coating.


4.Avoid Problems


Are you equipped to handle problems with your coating kit? Many factors cause problems with powder paint. Skilled professionals handle malfunctioning equipment, problems with the curing oven, and more. Attempting to do it on your own leaves you struggling to solve these issues yourself.


Powder coating from our expert technicians will provide you with beautiful and high-quality work. Don’t try powder coating at home. It will be the reason your materials aren’t properly protected! Call our skilled team of technicians.