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Is it Time to Reapply Your Powder Coating? You May be Surprised

September 1, 2022

Is it Time to Reapply Your Powder Coating? You May be Surprised

Those considering powder coating for their materials may wonder how much of a commitment is needed once the coating has been applied. Are reapplications needed? Will the coating last? These questions can help determine whether powder coating is the right choice for your metals. At H-Town Coaters, we understand that, before choosing a coating, it’s important to know the maintenance needed, so we’ve laid out some helpful information about reapplying powder coating:


The Process of Powder Coating

Before learning about how often you need to reapply powder coating, it’s important to understand the coating process. What makes this such a popular choice for those in Houston, Texas?

The process begins by preparing the materials. This is as simple as a thorough washing and drying. Various solutions are used to clean the materials in order to ensure that they are fully ready for the coating. Once cleaned and dried, the materials are placed in a heated oven to remove any excess moisture. Since even a small amount of moisture can compromise the integrity of powder coating, this is a crucial part of the coating process. Once fully dried, powder is applied onto the object using electrostatic charging, which helps the coating stick to the surface. After applying the powder coating, the object is placed back into the oven to cure. The result is a smooth, even coating that is extremely resistant to damage.


When to Reapply

Because of the process mentioned above, powder coating is able to provide a coating that can protect objects from scratches, wear, corrosion, and other problems. Typically, you won’t need to have the coating touched up or reapplied. However, that does not mean that issues can’t occur. If the coating was not applied correctly, you will need to visit a trusted Houston, Texas, powder coating company to have it reapplied correctly. This is why it is essential to only allow professionals to apply powder coating to your materials. Additionally, if there is wide-spread damage to the coating from extreme use, you may need to have the coating reapplied. However, because of the exceptional strength of powder coating, this is not typical. It’s important to speak to a professional about reapplying the coating, and what you would like the end result to be for your materials.


No matter if you need a reapplication or are having your object powder coated for the first time, it’s essential to visit a professional Houston, Texas, powder coater for a perfect finish.