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H-Town Coaters on an industrial level

Powder coating comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. It takes great attention to detail to perform Industrial metal coating. H-Town Coaters is your choice for powder coating on all projects. Whether it be an at-home appliance or Industrial machinery, look to our professional technicians. Our powder coating, media blasting, metal finishing and pipe coating will make Industrial projects secure and durable. Industrial machines need special care because of their size and importance. H-Town Coaters is highly trained for Industrial projects of any size. Whatever project that needs a metal coating or finishing, consult our team for expert recommendations and powder coating advice.

Pipe coating

Whether it be your machinery, supplies or tools, H-Town Coaters has a service that will improve your Industrial project. For example, our pipe coating service is specific to the Industrial field. We know Industrial projects are prompt and require undivided attention. H-Town Coaters uses durable pipe coating services so your project is uninterrupted. Stay on track and secure with quality pipe coating and metal finishing. Whatever task your Industrial materials are designed for, H-Town Coaters maximizes and improves the original design. Industrial pipes are protected with long-lasting powder coating.

Houston pipelines

Especially in Houston, Texas, we know that pipes must uphold whatever substance that travels through these lines. Houston, Texas, is the energy capital of the world. The Industrial work and pipelines reflect this when they have powder coating and metal finishing. Pipes, poles, machinery and other metals all benefit from powder. Every project is different, so our technicians will discuss the right coating for your Industrial equipment. H-Town Coaters is located in Houston, Texas, but our coating services extend into the surrounding communities. We are your choice for metal coating and finishing of any kind.

Industrial coating services

The Industrial market refers to several resources such as gas, oil, water and others. All of these materials and the surrounding environment in Houston, Texas rely on a safe delivery. H-Town Coaters is here to protect our community and your Industrial projects with coatings for…
Electric Motor Windings, Riser Pipe, Reinforcing Steel Bar, Transmission Pipelines, Valves.

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