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Curious About the Powder Coating Process?

August 1, 2022

Curious About the Powder Coating Process?

Powder coating is becoming increasingly popular for residents in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas. However, because this is a newer form of coating, many people have questions about the process. At H-Town Coaters, we understand that consumers want to know what they can expect with powder coating, so we’ve laid out some information about the complete process:


Step 1: Preparing the Surface

A key feature that people enjoy about powder coating is the clean, smooth finish. However, before a smooth finish can be achieved, the surface must first be prepared. The preparation process varies depending on the material. However, the surface will usually be cleansed until it is free from oil or grease, which is then followed by a good rinsing. The surface is then usually etched to remove any surface oxides and give the powder coating a good base to stick to. Once etched, the surface is coated with a chemical solution that provides a “film” that allows the powder to properly stick. The final step of preparing the surface is to prevent corrosion of the material by removing chemical salts that may have been left behind during earlier steps of the process.


Step 2: The Application

Powder coating is quite different from other methods of coating. The powder coating process uses electromagnetic properties to provide the clean, beautiful finish that it is so well-known for. The powder is added to a paint gun that uses friction or an electrical source to charge the electromagnetic particles. The coated object is then “grounded” to provide an opposite charge that attracts the particles as the coating is being sprayed. As long as the coated object remains “grounded,” powder coating will adhere to the surface, meaning the thickness of the coat can be customized based on the consumer’s needs.


Step 3: Curing the Coating

The final step in the powder coating process is to cure the coating.  This involves putting the object into an oven heated to at least 160 degrees Celsius. Once the powder becomes hot enough, it melts and forms the long chemical chains that provide exceptional durability. From there, the powder is allowed to cool, forming a gel-like consistency until the coating is completely cooled. Once the coating has been cured, it is nearly impossible for the finish to melt again, meaning the object can be used in almost any situation.


Powder coating, which is becoming the preferred method of coating various materials, includes a unique process with highly-specialized tools to give consumers a finish they will love.