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Count Them: 4 Reasons Powder Coating Will Help Your Architectural Materials

October 1, 2022

Count Them: 4 Reasons Powder Coating Will Help Your Architectural Materials

For those in Houston, Texas, looking for coating options for their architectural materials, powder coating is an excellent option. Not only can it provide a great look for your materials, it can also provide scratch resistance, fade resistance, and more. At H-Town Coaters, we understand that you want your architectural materials to both look and preform beautifully, so we’ve laid out some reasons to consider powder coating for your objects:


  1. You’ll Experience a Much Quicker Process

Paint coatings can take longer than a day to completely cure, so you may not get your important architectural materials as quickly as you need them. Powder coating can eliminate the hassle, as it requires much less time to be cured, processed, and dried. Usually, individuals can expect to have their architectural materials returned to them within the day


  2. Your Materials Will be More Durable

Architectural materials receive quite a bit of wear and tear from daily jobs, making the durability of the materials extremely important. Powder coating can protect them from even the most intense of jobs. It adds a layer of exceptional durability against scratches, chipping, and fading. This makes powder coating especially beneficial for materials that are used daily for intense work, like architectural services.


  3.There is Not a Lot of Waste

Unlike wet paint, powder coating uses almost every bit of material. There are also no solvents that escape into the atmosphere during the coating process, making it a much safer alternative. Any material that is not used on the object can be recycled for future use, dramatically reducing the amount of waste that the powder coating process creates.


  4.Your Materials Will Fit Your Style

Powder coating is extremely versatile and customizable, meaning your architectural materials can show off almost any style. With different textures, colors, and finishes to choose from, your materials can look exactly how you want with the added benefit of increased durability. Whether you want your materials to match your brand, or you simply want to show others your personal style, the style options are almost endless with powder coating.


Not surprisingly, powder coating is becoming more popular for use in coating architectural materials. To customize and protect your favorite materials in Houston, Texas, give a call.